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  • Aluminum Boride Powder, AlB2

    Aluminum Boride Powder, AlB2

    Aluminum boride (AlB2) is a kind of binary compound formed by aluminum and boron.

    It is a gray red solid under normal temperature and pressure. It is stable in cold dilute  acid, and decomposed in hot hydrochloric acid and nitric acid. It is one of the two compounds of aluminum and boron.

  • Hafnium Nitride Powder, HfN

    Hafnium Nitride Powder, HfN

    With high temperature , corrosion resistance , wear resistance , thermalshock , low density and high hardness of the outstanding performance of the newceramic materials , mainly used in high temperature , oxidation and aviation aerospace and other fields

  • Vanadium Carbide Powder, VC

    Vanadium Carbide Powder, VC

    have good chemical stability and high temperature performance Used in hard film , target , welding materials , spraying , cutting tools , steel industry ,aerospace and other fields . As a metal ceramic and tungsten-based carbide alloy grain refinement agent , can significantly improve the alloy performance

  • 211Niobium Aluminum Carbide, Nb2AlC

    211Niobium Aluminum Carbide, Nb2AlC

    energy storage, catalysis, analytical chemistry, mechanics, adsorption, biology, microelectronics, sensor, etc. Nb2AlC ceramic powder can be used in aviation, aerospace, electronic industry and nuclear industry.

  • Zirconium Carbide Powder, ZrC

    Zirconium Carbide Powder, ZrC

    used in the preparation of high-performance high-tech fields such ashigh-performance cemented carbide , aerospace , atomic energy , textileelectronics , coating , hard film and metallurgical automation . The new carbonomposite functional matenals can improve the high temperature corrosionresistance of its products , a high hardness of high melting matenals and excellenthigh temperature refractory matenals , rocket engine used as a solid propellantraw matenalsHaixin advantages : the use of pure metal smelting process , non-redox processlow impurities , low oxygen content

  • Hafnium Boride Powder, HfB2

    Hafnium Boride Powder, HfB2

    with high melting point , high thermal conductivity , oxidation resistance another high-temperature comprehensive performance of the new ceramic materials , mainly used in ultra-high temperature ceramics , high-speed aircraft nose cone and aviation , aerospace and other fields

  • Hafnium Silicide, HfSi2

    Hafnium Silicide, HfSi2

    Hafnium silicide is a kind of transition metal silicide, which is a kind of refractory intermetallic compound. Because of its unique physical and chemical properties, Hafnium silicide has been successfully applied in the fields of complementary metal oxide semiconductor devices, thin film coatings, bulk structure modules, electrothermal elements, thermoelectric materials and photovoltaic materials. The nano materials show special electrical, optical, magnetic and thermoelectric properties, and even have potential application value in the field of catalysis.

  • Niobium Nitride powder, NbN

    Niobium Nitride powder, NbN

    Pale grey with yellow tint. Relative density 8.47I melting point 2300℃; Heat of formation -237.8kj /mol; Mohs hardness 8, micro hardness 14.3GPA; Resistivity 200U. Cm. Its superconducting transition critical temperature is 15.6 K.

  • Silicon Boride Powder, SiB6

    Silicon Boride Powder, SiB6

    As P-type high-temperature thermoelectric materials to replace boroncarbide ,it  can be used as a variety of standard abrasive , grinding carbide . Also used as engineering ceramic materials , blasting nozzles , manufacturing gas blades and other profiled sintered parts and seals.

  • Aluminum titanium carbide, Ti3AlC2

    Aluminum titanium carbide, Ti3AlC2

    Titanium-aluminum carbide (TI-Al carbide) is a new type of three-layer structure ceramic material, which has been widely concerned by material scientists and physicists due to its unique properties.

  • Titanium Stannum carbide, Ti2SnC

    Titanium Stannum carbide, Ti2SnC

    Ti2SnC ceramics is a new type of structure ceramics with special layer structure which can be machined. It has both the excellent properties of metal and ceramic. Similar to  metal, it has the advantages of good electrical and thermal conductivity, machinability, high damage tolerance and thermal shock resistance.

  • Hafnium Carbide Powder, HfC

    Hafnium Carbide Powder, HfC

    high surface activity , high temperature resistance , high oxidation resistance , high strength , high hardness , good thermal conductivity , good toughness , is an important high melting point , high strength and corrosion resistance of high temperature structural materials , and has a high efficiency absorption of visible light , Reflective infrared and energy storage and other characteristics of heat storage . Widely used in electronics , coating , spraying carbide , aerospace , atomic energy , hard film and metallurgical automation andother high-tech areas of key materials . Especially for rocket nozzles , can be used to return to the atmosphere of the universe rocket nose cone position

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